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Jocks By RJ

RJ Barret (right) has been working on his style of sewing and his designs for almost 2 decades.   Hand-crafting jockstraps, shorts, briefs, thongs, and many other fun things for     men all started as a hobby.   After 9-11, work was hard to find and times were hard so it became a necessary income.  Word of mouth spread and soon his       regular clients AND their friends were contacting RJ for their own personalized items. As their business grew and in a leap of faith, RJ and his partner Victor Reeves (left) decided to turn this hobby into their own made-to-order underwear business. The demand was there. This store is what RJ has always wanted...
Now these unique and affordable leather goods, as well as rubber and spandex goods can be made for you. The products, the materials, and the styles you find here are constantly changing with current trends, but LEATHER has always been the inspiration.

What makes Jocks By RJ unique is simple...and you won't find it anywhere else:  We really do make the item for you. Every order you place has a "special instructions" box in which you can specify any particulars in the construction of your item. For example, if you are hard to fit because you have a small waist and large legs, you can just give us your measurements and we'll make sure your items fit perfectly. Don't worry anymore about whether online items will fit.

You want personalized service: If you have something in mind that you want but can't seem to find it anywhere, then ASK US about making it. You can find our Email addresses and other information on the "Contact Us" page.

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