Size Chart


Because your items really are made for you, it is important to be as accurate as possible when it comes to sizes.  Our Size Chart below is the guide to use when ordering any items that are waist sizes Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.

Waist Size Chart (inches)

Small       28-31
Medium  32-35
Large       36-39
Extra Large 40-42

Other items, like chaps or short chaps may ask you for an INSEAM measurement or a THIGH measurement.  As long as you have a tape measure, you'll be fine.  The Inseam is the length of the inside part of the pants or shorts, or the "inside leg."  Your jeans have a waist size and an inseam size.

If an item requires your THIGH measurement, that means the circumference, or the measurement all around the thigh with the tape measure. 

We want your shorts and chaps to fit correctly and everyone has a different shape.  This is why we encourage you to write anything you think we should know about your sizes or preferences at the time you order.  You will see a box for additional information where you can provide that information to us.  We know you will love your items from

Chest Size Chart (inches)

Small                35 - 37.5
Medium           38 - 41.5
Large                42 - 44.5
Extra Large     45 - 48.5